NDE Spring Surface Examination

Quality - Quality is Expected

Hanson Springs stands head and shoulders above our competitors. The attention to detail at every stage – from enquiry, order processing, raw material validation, production and despatch is second to none.

Full traceability of raw material, production and heat treatment records allow Hanson to supply springs for the most demanding applications with complete confidence.

Hanson Springs was one of the first in the spring manufacturing industry to be awarded ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. Throughout our manufacturing plants, quality control is of primary importance, guaranteeing ultimate end product quality and traceability.

Our designers and technicians are always available to advise and assist in solving any spring problem or query, working closely with the Institute of Spring Technology where necessary.

Inspection and testing procedures are carried out at every stage in production to ensure the highest possible product quality.

Metallurgical, mechanical and non-destructive tests to A.S.N.T. Level 2 qualification are all undertaken in-house on raw material and finished springs, with certification available on request.


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